Published Papers

 "Religiosity and Growth Revisited: Estimating a Causal Effect"  with Jean Francois Carpantier

 (Forthcoming in the BE Journal of Macroeconomics-Contributions) 


♦ “What a Study of 33 Countries Found About Aging Populations and Innovation” with Andreas Irmen featuring our paper “Population Aging and Inventive Activity”, Harvard Business Review (2017).

 More publicity here, here and here


  “Intergenerational Transmission of Environmental Traits” with Skerdi Zanaj and Simone Moriconi

   (Forthcoming in the World Development)   

 (Earlier version "The Cultural Transmission of Environmental Preferences: Evidence from International Migration")


♦ "Natural Land Productivity, Cooperation and Comparative Development", Journal of Economic Growth 21 (2016), 351-408.




    A related hypothesis in the SCIENCE journal 

    Part of the reading list of J. Fenske (Oxford) 


♦ "Corruption, Tax Evasion and Social Values with Theodore Palivos, Journal of Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 124 (2016), 164-177.


 ♦ Growth Friendly Dictatorships”, Giacomo De Luca, Anastasia Litina and Petros Sekeris, Journal of  Comparative Economics 43 (2015), 98-111.

Economic Logician and himaginary on our "Growth Friendly Dictatorships" research.


 ♦ The Behavior of the Saving Rate in the Neoclassical Optimal Growth Model”, Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos, Macroeconomic Dynamics 14 (2010), 482-500.


 ♦ “Do Inada Conditions Imply that Production Function Must Be Asymptotically Cobb-Douglas? A Comment” Anastasia Litina and Theodore Palivos, Economics Letters, (2008).  


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Ongoing Research


Working papers:

   “Population Aging and Inventive Activity” 

    with Andreas Irmensubmitted

     Featured CESifo Paper-April 2016 

    A  review of our research on Land

   Blog mentions: Mind the Post 


♦ “Financial Risk-Taking, Religiosity and Denomination Heterogeneity”

    with Jian Li, submitted 


 ♦ “The Geographic Origins of State Formation”

   with Luisito Bertinelli, submitted


♦ Corruption and Environmental Policy: An Alternative Perspective”  

   with Athanasios Lapatinas and Eftichis Sartzetakis, submitted


  “Great Expectations: The Persistent Effect of Institutions over Culture”

  A  review of my research on Land 


♦ “Public Versus Private Education: Is There a Role for Institutions?” 

   with Pantelis Kammas and Theodore Palivos


♦ “Corruption, Tax Evasion and Social Values: An Empirical Investigation”

    with Theodore Palivos


Work in Progress:


♦  "War Made the State and the State Made War" with Luisito Bertinelli

♦  “Population Aging and Culture: Do Old Societies Think Old Ideas?” with Andreas Irmen 

♦  “Conflict as a Determinant of International Migration” with Michel Beine, Luisito Bertinelli

    and Christopher Parsons







♦  “Population Aging and Immigration” with Andreas Irmen
♦  “Population Aging and Immigration” with Andreas Irmen
♦  “Population Aging and Immigration” with Andreas Irmen